Welcome to Health Insurance Trust Fund UK

Our mission is to champion and enhance the health and welfare of communities through exercise, fitness and sport. This is something that we're very passionate about and we've worked hard to compile a range of activities that can create a real difference to the lives of everybody in the community. Being active is a great thing. We hope that you'll find something here that encourages you and your friends and family to visit us.

Here you can find some of the most exciting and innovative experiences around - some that you can't find anywhere else! We work hard to provide all this in a safe and welcoming environment where qualified counsellors will seek to make your visit both enjoyable and memorable.

Being healthy

Being and staying healthy is a great way to feel good, even a short twenty-minute run can really lift your spirits. Finding the exercise that you enjoy is important – whether it’s a team sport, jogging round the local park or popping down to the gym.

If you’re problem is more related to mental health, then one option is to contact a counsellor or therapist.