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  • Continually rising premiums averaging 15%Complex and complicated plans, rates and bandingPremiums (contributions) gain no investment for the client who has little cost control abilityPremiums rise due to age increases, claims record and medical inflation, averaging 10% above RPI inflation.No control of moniesIncreasing premiums are directly related to claims history and are reassessed annually irrespective of previous years' performanceProfits are retained by the insurance company with no ongoing advantages for the clientInflexible pre-packaged plans creating increased administration resulting in higher costs for your companyPremiums are age bandedExcess schemes artificially reduce premiumsInsurance Premium Tax currently @ 5%Insurance levies currently @ 2%
  • Insurance companies cannot claim back any V.A.T. inflating premiums.

Due to the above, Companies are looking to switch insurers every year as they strive to mitigate premium increases and maintain comprehensive cover. Employees become increasingly uneasy with the regular changes of insurers and have to re-familiarise themselves with new claims procedures. Worse still, cover can be denied for some ongoing conditions or become diluted with higher excesses and restrictive hospital lists.

The Solution

To run your own Healthcare Trust Fund

Advantages of a Trust Fund Scheme

  • Lower Healthcare costs - up to 50% saving on traditional PMI, resulting in less taxation (benefit in kind) to employer and employee.Simplicity - one standard rate of contributionCompany Trust Fund - 80% of contributions retained in interest-bearing account solely to pay for medical treatment.Costs Controls, lower overheads & investment will stabilise and may even reduce contributionsPuts company in control of its own investmentsContributions are related to the LONG TERM PERFORMANCE OF THE TRUST and are not claims related on an annual basis.Trust Fund retains profit and accumulated contributions.Flexible benefits tailored to individual requirements with minimal administration for the company.Covers ages 16-65. Contributions not age relatedNo ExcessesNo Insurance Premium Tax.No Insurance Levies
  • V.A.T. recoverable on administration fees.

The Solution is for your company to run its own Healthcare Trust Fund Scheme providing you have at least 30 principal members. This is not a new concept as Health Trust Fund Schemes have been operated by large companies such as Tarmac, Roadstone and Bass Charringtons, for many years and have proved very successful. In the past these contracts have been restricted to companies with over 500 members...

Until Now !
For the first time in the UK it is now possible for smaller companies to utilise UK Trust Fund Law and set up smaller Healthcare Trust Fund Schemes for companies and associations with over 30 members.
This type of scheme has been so successful that it has been adopted by the Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales. Needless to say the Police Association thoroughly checked out Revelation Healthcare Ltd and the concept of operating a Trust Fund.

Now is the time for affordable Healthcare



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