What is Life Insurance?

Most people do not wake up each morning thinking about the need to arrange Life insurance cover, unless of course they are in the process of buying a house, or re mortgaging their current home; a large number of the people that we speak to each day are confused about life insurance in general, and they are not aware of the different life products which are available.

There are many life insurance products on offer, unfortunately the benefits of which, are not greatly advertised, unlike car or building and contents insurance, the majority of us do insure against the loss or damage to our cars, homes and contents because in the event of any loss or damage insurers will replace them!

Why do we not then consider with the same enthusiasm and in the same numbers, insuring against the loss of our life or the possibility of becoming critically ill, unemployed or being the victim of a serious accident?

Are material things more important to us than the loss of our loved ones or the inability to work and the loss of our financial security!

Life insurance is a provision that gives protection to an individual against an undesirable event or risk to their life; Life insurance is more commonly known within the insurance sector as life assurance.

Insurance is an arrangement by which a provider gives its customers financial protection against loss or harm in return for a payment (premium)

Straight life insurance is a simple inexpensive form of life protection, on the death of the insured person, the benefit from the policy will be paid to any named beneficiary.

Critical illness is another form of life insurance cover the premium for this type of cover is more expensive because it provides an income or lump sum payment if you become sick with a critical illness and you can no longer work.

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