Health Insurance does not need to be unfit for purpose

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10 Reasons to Buy Heath Insurance

  1. Peace of Mind: Should illness strike, you can have the peace of mind that you and your family can have access to Private Care
  2. Choice: You can choose the hospital that best suits you from the appropriate Hospital listing
  3. High Quality Care: You are assured High Quality Nursing care
  4. Convenience: You can plan an operation to suit your particular timetable
  5. Speed: No need to wait months for a Specialist appointment and longer for a bed. You're referred to a specialist within days and receive prompt attention
  6. Excellent Facilities: High quality facilities are made available to you
  7. Quality advice: You can rest assured that you will receive quality advice from a consultant
  8. Privacy: In most cases you will have your own en-suite room with satellite television and other home comforts
  9. No Restrictions: In nearly all cases there is no restriction on visiting and relatives can call by when they like
  10. No Medical: There is no medical required to join a Private Health Scheme

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