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Code of Conduct


PHA are Independent Intermediaries and offer independent advice on a whole range of General Insurance. We abide by the ABI code of practice and are members of the AIIB Association of Insurance Intermediaries & Brokers. We are also members of the new governing insurance body the GISC Council.

     Member of the General Insurance Standards Council. Click here for the GISC 
web site.

The ABI Code of Practice is shown below. The new regulatory body will be the General Insurance Standards Council (GISC) whose Code of Conduct is available by clicking here.
Our GISC membership number is 3240.

Under the Association of British Insurers General Business Code of Practice, your attention is drawn to some of the important features of your travel insurance policy:

Insurance Certificate/Policy
This contains full details of the cover provided plus the conditions and exclusions which apply to it. You must read the certificate/policy carefully.

Conditions and Exclusions
There are conditions and exclusions which apply to individual sections and general conditions and exclusions which apply to the whole certificate/policy.

Date Change Exclusions
Changes in dates, and particularly the change of the century, could see widespread failure of computer and other systems containing computer chips, which depend on date related information in order to work properly. Other than Medical Expenses, your certificate/policy excludes anything directly or indirectly caused by failure of any computer hardware or software or other electrical equipment to recognise or process any date as the true calendar date.

Fraudulent Claims
The making of a fraudulent claim is a criminal offence.

Medical Expenses
The Certificate/Policy does not provide private health treatment unless specifically approved by the emergency service.

The certificate/Policy contains conditions relating to the health of the people travelling and others upon whose well being the trip may depend. It may be that you are required to disclose known medical conditions of such people prior to cover being issued, and you must be aware that failure to disclose such information will prejudice your position.

Property Claims
These are settled on an indemnity basis - not on a "new for old" or replacement cost basis, unless otherwise stated in the Certificate/Policy.

Certificate/Policy Limits
Most sections of the Certificate/Policy have limits on the amount the insurer will pay under that section. Some sections also have an inner limit e.g. for one item, or for valuables in total.

Claims under most sections of the Certificate/Policy will be subject to an excess. Where there is an excess, you will be responsible for paying the first part of a claim.

Reasonable Care
You are required to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property and to act as though you are not insured.

The insurance Certificate/Policy includes a complaints procedure which tells you what action you can take if you wish to make a complaint.

"Cooling Off" Period
The Certificate/policy contains a "cooling off" period which allows you to return the Certificate/Policy and obtain a full refund if you have a justifiable reason to be dissatisfied with the cover provided.

Hazardous Holiday Activities
The Certificate may not cover you when you take part in certain hazardous activities: e.g. scuba diving. If you want cover for such activities you may need to arrange a specialist insurance.

U.K. law allows the parties to choose the law applicable to the contract. The contract will be subject to English Law unless otherwise agreed.

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This web domain is a registered trading name of PHA Insurance Services Ltd who are registered Independent Intermediaries & not tied to any insurer. We give free independent advice & have agencies with numerous insurance companies. PHA hold Professional Indemnity insurance & are members of BIBA No 700197 & GISC No 3240. Registered Office: 89 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 7DN England. Company Registration number : 5092395
Member of the General Insurance Standards Council. Click here for the GISC website.
Code of Conduct