How does a CBT session work?

Addiction and CBT therapy

If you are struggling from mental health problems and addiction, the most proven way to help you overcome your feelings or issues is CBT.

What is CBT?

CBT works by taking your problems and breaks them into 5 main areas of focus: 

  1. Situations
  2. Thoughts
  3. Emotions
  4. Physical Feelings
  5. Actions 
These 5 elements are all connected with one another and impact one another too. The ways you think and feel about a situation can impact how you also feel physically and emotionally, which then impacts how you act as a result. They are all linked to one another.

What happens in a CBT session?

Why is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy effective?

It addresses specific individual problems and attempts to solve them. It does this by following a specific structure - rather than talking about your life in general, therapy sessions revolve around discussing specific problems and goals to help you overcome problems and achieve your targets.

Benefits of CBT.

CBT centralises current problems - how you are thinking, feeling and acting now  - rather than revisiting past issues.

You and your therapist will work together and collaboratively to work through your problems and find solutions.

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Stop negative thought processes

  • When you react to a situation, this is controlled by how you think about those situations.
  • If you have experienced failure in school, work or personal life, then you may be upset that you have failed, and that the failure is your fault.
  • If you are feeling negative, it is easy to get caught in a vicious cycle of hopelessness, feeling depressed or even anxious.
  • CBT will help you to learn from your mistakes and move on, and to help you feel positive and optimistic about the future.

Your therapist will work through negative cycles by breaking them down so that they feel smaller and more manageable.

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By doing this, you can change your thought patterns and deal with the issues you face healthily and on your own - eventually, without the help of a therapist.

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