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The purpose of the Scheme is to provide cover for Treatment by Specialists, on the recommendation of the patient’s General Practitioner, of surgical or acute medical conditions on a short term basis. In consideration of the due payment of Subscription Fees, the Trust shall provide the following Scheme Benefits to Members and their registered Dependants through Revelation Healthcare Limited.

  1. Examination: Every reasonable effort will be made to enable the patient to be examined by the relevant specialist within 21 days of the decision to refer him by the patient’s General Practitioner.
    Treatment: Guaranteed commencement of eligible treatment within 21 days of consultation with a Specialist. Where, in the opinion of the Specialist, a period of investigation is required, the commencement of the investigation will begin within 21 days of the consultation and any treatment resulting therefrom will commence within 31 days of the end of the investigation period.Location: Consultation and Treatment shall be carried out at the Hospital nearest to the Member’s home, unless the timescale for provision of Benefits cannot be met. In such event, the Hospital shall advise the date(s) upon which such facilities will be available at the Hospital and the Member shall decide whether to wait for such date or to take facilities at the nearest alternative hospital whose facilities Revelation Healthcare Limited shall procure.
  2. Facilities: Guaranteed quality individual room with ensuite facilities and high quality meals. Revelation Healthcare Limited reserves the right to admit children to a multiple bedded facility.


Benefit Available
Hospital charges
Paid in Full
Consultants’/Specialists’ fees
Paid in Full
Diagnostic tests
Paid in Full
Paid in Full
Psychiatric treatment
Up to £1000 each membership year
Paid in Full
Consultations with a Consultant/Specialist
Paid in Full
Diagnostic Tests/Pathology/Xrays
Paid in Full
Paid in Full
Physiotherapy (and other Therapies)
Up to £600.00 each membership year
Psychiatric Treatment
Payable each day for a maximum of 28 days each year
Nursing at home
Up to £600 each membership year
Private Ambulance
Up to £120.00 each membership year
Parent Accommodation when staying with a Child covered by the policy
Paid in Full
NHS Cash Benefit
£30 per night
Payable each night for a maximum of 35 nights each year


1. Hospital Charges for In-patient and Day-patient Treatment
Accommodation and Nursing (including intensive care)
Operating theatre charges
Drugs and dressings prescribed for use whilst an In-patient or Day-patient
Pathology, Physiotherapy and diagnostic procedures
Prostheses when implanted as an integral part of a surgical procedure
Full Refund
For hospitals specified by the Healthcare Trust Fund
2. Parent Accommodation Charges
Paid in Full
3. Scale of Benefits
Therapists (eg. Physiotherapists)
Paid in Full
4. Surgeons’ and Anaesthetists’ Fees
Paid in Full
5. Specialist Physicians’ Fees
For In-patient and Day-patient Treatment
Paid in Full up to 91 days each membership year
6. Oncology including Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
Paid in Full
7. Private Ambulance
Up to £120.00 each membership year
Maximum £60 for any single trip
8. NHS In-patient Cash Benefit
£30 each night
9. Home Nursing
Paid in Full
10. Out-patient Services
Specialist Consultations
Paid in Full
11. Therapies
Acupuncture, Chiropractic,
Homeopathic, Osteopathy,
Benefit will be limited to a maximum of £250.00 per person in any one year where the referral is made by a General Practitioner.

The scheme pays for any necessary treatments, services and facilities listed in these tables, but only if the charges are reasonable and customary. By reasonable and customary we mean that what you are charged for and how much you are charged is not more than the majority of our other members are charged for similar treatment, services and facilities covered under the scheme.

Except for the benefit limits shown above or in the notes, there is NO OVERALL MAXIMUM to the total the scheme will pay to you each membership year.

No health plan is total in its cover and can never be a substitute for the NHS and will therefore have exclusions to every policy. This list provides the exclusion applicable to the Health Trust Fund scheme.


The following specialities are not included in the benefits:
  • Transplantation operations other than corneal or skin grafts.

  • Neuroscience including spinal and stereotactic surgery and neurophysiology.

  • Paediatric surgery.

  • Renal surgery, medicine and dialysis.

  • The treatment of blood Cancers EG. Leukaemia.

  • Cosmetic surgery including laser treatment and treatment of burns and plastic surgery.

  • Treatment of communicable diseases.

  • Maternity services.

  • Tropical medicine.

  • Psychotherapy and adolescent psychiatry.

  • Learning disabilities.

  • Young disabled services.

  • Psychogeriatrics.

  • Acute geriatric services.

  • Rehabilitation.

  • Termination of pregnancy.

  • Treatment of infertility.

  • General dentistry.

  • Cosmetic surgery.

  • Alcoholism, drug or solvent abuse.

  • Human immuno-deficiency virus infection, Aids or any other associated conditions.

  • Sight testing, vaccinations, inoculations, routine medical or dental examinations or other investigations or treatments as a preventative measure.

  • Hearing aids, spectacles, contact lenses, medical, dental and surgical appliances, orthotics, prosthesis, drugs and dressings, except as provided as part of an inpatient or day case hospital stay.

  • Treatment for injuries or illness arising out of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, riot, civil commotion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power.

  • Emergency treatment or services received outside the United Kingdom.

  • Either repatriation to the United Kingdom or transfer to a hospital abroad from a ship, oil rig or similar offshore location.

  • The fees of a general medical practitioner or general dental practitioner.

  • A stay in a private convalescent home or nursing home, health hydro, nature cure clinic, or similar establishment.

  • Respite care.

  • A stay in hospital when eligible treatment is not required or could be reasonably provided whilst in an establishment which would not normally qualify for benefit in accordance with these rules.

  • A stay in hospital where the patient is not undergoing active regular treatment by a specialist.

  • In circumstances where the hospital has effectively become the patient’s permanent abode.

  • Any other services not normally provided by an NHS General District Hospital or Independent Private Hospital.


Click here for Definitions, Conditions of the Scheme, Notes on Administration, Notes on Benefits and Benefit Rules.



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