How Do I Buy Health Insurance?

When you are considering purchasing Health Insurance there are a number of avenues you can go to get the right policy to suit you.

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The main three choices open to you are as follows:

  • Go direct to the Insurer
  • Seek the advice of an Independent Health Advisor or Broker online or offline
  • Insurance Agents ( Banks, Building Societies, Retail Outlets)

You can acquire quotes either over the phone, post, internet or face to face should you be happy to either visit or receive a visit from and a Health Insurance Specialist.

Once you have decided what the best policy is for you the Insurer on receiving your application will process it and then send out your certification of membership. From the moment you receive this you are into what is termed “a cooling off period”.

From the moment you receive your documentation you will normally have 14 days in which to change your mind if you so wish.

If you do, any premiums that would have been taken will be returned and your policy cancelled.

Some Insurers may arrange cover differently from above like over the phone.

However cover will normally be provisional until they receive a completed application form.