NHS Cosmetic Dentistry

Can I get Cosmetic Dentistry on the NHS?

Cosmetic dentistry is a fantastic solution for enhancing your teeth and improving your smile. There is a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions such as; teeth whitening, dental implants and porcelain veneers.

“57% of British People are unhappy with their teeth and smile.”

There are various solutions and treatments for repairing chipped teeth, restoring teeth to their natural whiteness and replacing missing teeth. If you’re seeking cosmetic dentistry on the NHS, then there are a few things you should know.

“The NHS generally doesn’t pay for cosmetic dentistry. If your cosmetic dental treatment is purely for aesthetics then the NHS won’t pay for it.” 

The NHS only provides dental cosmetic treatment when it is clinically necessary. Cosmetic dental treatment from the NHS is based on your dentist’s opinion. If they believe that cosmetic dentistry is vital and clinically necessary to protect and maintain good oral health, you may qualify.

What Cosmetic Dental Treatments can I get on the NHS?

Although the NHS generally doesn’t cover cosmetic dentistry, there are exceptions to their stance. In some cases, cosmetic dentistry isn’t for aesthetic reasons. There may be instances where dental cosmetic treatment is required during reconstructive surgery.

“Cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening won’t be covered by the NHS.”

If you’ve had a serious accident which has resulted in tooth loss or missing gaps in your teeth are compromising your health, you may be entitled to cosmetic dental treatment on the NHS.


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If you cannot get cosmetic dental treatment on the NHS, don’t worry. Private dentists are offering various finance plans that can help make cosmetic dentistry affordable.