Are you thinking of having Invisalign?

Find out the process of having Invisalign braces

There are many reasons why people decide that have this type of teeth straightening method.

  • A clear alternative to traditional methods
  • Fixes misaligned teeth
  • Invisalign can fix facial, jaw and neck pain

We have listed the entire Invisalign process below to help you make the right decision for you.

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Invisalign Process

It only takes a few simple steps to start straightening your teeth with Invisalign. The process is easy and is comprised of five stages:

1. See a local cosmetic dentist for a check up and free consultation. They will assess and advise you of the treatment programme that suits you best. Measurements, records and dental x-rays will be taken.

2. Your dentist may conduct an Invasilign 3D evaluation according to which individually customised transparent aligners will be created.

3. You will be asked to come to their clinic to receive the transparent aligners and obtain precise instructions to guarantee the efficient progress of treatment.

4. The aligners will then be put on. Approximately two weeks later you will proceed to the next aligner.

5. Congratulations! After you have finished wearing the entire series of treatment aligners you will have a brand new, beautiful smile!

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