Trust in Us

We are acutely aware at Health Insurance Trust Fund that people’s circumstances are different therefore, we consider your requirements and situation carefully, before we provide you with a life quote; for example, we will take in to account any company employment benefits which you may be entitled to i.e. health insurance cover or a company pension scheme.

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Welcome to Health Insurance Trust Fund UK


As an 'Independent' health insurance broker operating an on line service; we provide you with the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience when you are looking for comprehensive health insurance cover; the ethos of Health Insurance Trust Fund is to provide a personal service to our clients, health insurance cover that we provide, will offer a comprehensive range of benefits whilst being excellent value for money!

If you request an insurance quote online or you phone and ask us to arrange your life cover, a member of our small team of experienced advisers will be available to assist you, in any way they can, to help you to make an informed decision about the type of insurance cover you may require; explaining everything to you so that you understand your health insurance quote and what it covers.

Initial contact with you, will be by phone, this is to establish that all your details are correct and to answer any questions that you may have about life protection, thereafter, communication with you will be via e-mail unless you prefer to communicate with us by phone.